Brian Kofford

CPA, MAcc, Entrepreneur

Brian has been a CPA for nearly 30 years and is the Founder of STRIV, a local CPA firm specializing in CPA services for entrepreneurs. Brian has been working with business owners in public accounting since 1992 when he completed his master’s degree in Tax at BYU.

Brian was raised in Lyons, Colorado, and learned how to work hard and play hard by working for his dad in various businesses. One year after his dad made the shift from being an employee to the adventure of being self-employed, Brian and his family went to Mexico for an entire summer when he was 14. During that trip Brian decided he wanted to be like his dad and own his own business. Brian has since owned several businesses and found his passion for business and helping others to succeed.

Brian is a foodie, he loves to cook and eat great food, a passion that he learned cooking with his mom and Aunt, as a kid raised near Boulder Colorado.  His love for food is also a motivation to exercise so he can stay fit. An athlete in high school (football, basketball, track), he enjoys going to the gym, skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.  After going through a triathlon phase a few years back, he settled on cycling as his preferred cardio sport and rides with the Epic Cycling team.  His love for cars was developed at a young age when Brian helped his dad restore 1960’s Jaguar sports cars.  After test driving a friend’s BMW 535 many years ago, he became a BMW fan, “Their slogan is true, BMWs are, The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Unlike the stereotypical accountant, Brian is an extrovert and an entrepreneur. He loves helping other entrepreneurs better understand the financial aspects of their business by providing timely, accurate, and complete financial information—and by minimizing their tax burden. 

Brian enjoys working with his high energy, proactive dream team who are constantly STRIV-ing to provide quality, high-end, professional services to their clients including: outsourced CFO services, controller and accounting work, all types of tax compliance, business consulting, and aggressive, defensible tax planning